Motion soothes emotions.

Wanna build momentum together?

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Hi, I'm Tina & moving my body saved my life.

I've been a trainer for over 31 years. Now I want to speak & share my love of movement with others.


I help people who may be sitting in a place of depression, sadness, or anger. I sat in the same seat. Having that feeling of "Why am I here? Am I worth it?"


I'm here to tell you that Moving My Body Saved My Life.


It brought me through the depths of depression and self doubt. I have a tool-box full of movement-based tips to teach you how to rise out of dark places.


Let yourself move into a place of truly loving yourself. Let yourself move into living a happy & fulfilled life.

I'm a living example of the magic of movement, and you can be too.

Fun Facts.

  • Body Builder

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt (Hapkido)

  • Spartan Obstacle Competitor

  • Marathon Runner

  • BA Degree Kinesiology

  • NASM Certified

  • 20 years of Inner-Therapy Work

  • World Traveler


Speaking - Move them with words.


My dream is to help as many possible to move from feeling bad to a life of joy, happiness, & peace.


I want to stop 'Sitting-Disease.' I aim to get people out from their sheets, out of their seats, and into a place of moving their body.


My passion comes through when I speak, and I'm happy to speak anywhere. Corporations, schools, workshops, etc. Let's talk.


I love giving interviews and doing Q&As. They're personal, fireside chat type of things that can really move people.

A lot of the times, the people interviewing me ended up exercising more, getting into dance, taking walks...

All on top of the juicy content and conversations we have for their audiences.

P.S. Check out my interview on Cyrus Webb Radio.

Train With Me

1-on-1 workouts designed to help you reach your fitness goals.

Hourly: $100   |   Half-Hour: $65

Packages and/or Group Classes: $45/hr.


I provide a nurturing, safe, and fun place that let's you come in. However you're feeling emotionally, mentally & physically.

My job's to insure that you have a fun, meaningful experience.


Join the movement team and feel better about yourself and your life.

Get the 'No Sitting-Disease' t-shirt.
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19100 Ventura Blvd.

Suite A
Tarzana, Ca 91356


(818) 406-1430

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